News of the Migros KIDS School

The renovation work is almost done: the painters oft the Migros KIDS School have finished the work in the classrooms which is why the children can study there untroubled. But in the premises of the school is the work never done, because the weather conditions like heat and heavy rain don’t go unnoticed.

To maintain the beautiful light colours on the outside surfaces, the painters have to work regularly on them.
By now, the garden of the school is beautifully arranged and is an oasis for the kids in the hot months of summer, when the kids are grateful for the shade offered by the trees. Despite the difficult weather conditions to nourish the trees, the gardeners take a lot of trouble in maintaining the vivid green colour of the trees.

Representatives of the KIDS association visit the school in Tirupur regularly to get a picture of the school. They decide together with the teachers where money is needed to renovate the buildings or to improve the quality of education. On this picture Mr. Beuth congratulates the best students of their grade on their new certificates.