Excellent final grades for the students of the Migros KIDS School 2014

The pupils of the Migros KIDS School in Tirupur completed this school year with excellent marks. To reward and motivate them, they are exempted from all other school fees until they finish their school career.

Therefore they can prepare without financial pressure for their final exams. Migros KIDS School is always updating their methods and pedagogical techniques and by now self-created charts, role-playing games and active games have become a part of everyday teaching. The creativity of the students is increasingly supported and the teachers left the common method of letting the students repeat everything in choir. Instead they encourage to ask and to question what they are told to facilitate thinking outside the box. All teachers attend – and have to attend -  regularly further education to improve their educational skills.

The picture shows the best students of their grade:
G.M. Parthasarathy, G. Pavithra, A. Kiruthika